Cartegraph work and asset management software customers

2021 Trend for Infrastructure Managers: Adopting Asset and Work Management Software

With the national conversation focused on the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, infrastructure owners and operators are paying close attention to their pavement, water, sewer, stormwater, and facility networks—figuring out what assets they have, where they’re located, what condition they’re in, and more. This critical data will be used to help prioritize important infrastructure maintenance and replacement projects.

In 2021, Cartegraph teamed up with a record number of cities, counties, parks, utilities, and universities across the U.S. and Canada to implement operations management software and help solve common pain points, including:

  • We don’t have an easy way to see everything we own in terms of infrastructure assets or our property portfolio.
  • We have invested in building out our asset inventory in Esri GIS, and now want to empower our users with this data.
  • We don’t know what condition our infrastructure assets are in.
  • We’re tired of using paper work orders to track our inspections and maintenance tasks.
  • We struggle calculating the true cost of our operations.
  • We wish it was easier to provide data and numbers to leadership and elected officials.
  • We want to run data-driven analyses on how to prioritize our infrastructure projects and figure out the smartest way to spend our infrastructure investments.

Last year, Cartegraph started working with hundreds of agencies to implement asset management best practices. Here are a few highlights:

Coppell, TX

This Dallas suburb was frustrated after trying to use the work order management solution offered by their financial software provider. Instead, they wanted a solution that was designed specifically for public works teams but could still integrate with their financial system and help them with data-driven capital planning.

Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority, NJ

Serving 250,000 residents and pumping 50 million gallons of wastewater daily, Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority has been delivering water and sewerage services for 72 years. They’re using Cartegraph to generate quarterly EPA reports on their storm and wastewater system.

Detroit, MI

With over 300 city parks—which grew increasingly important during the pandemic—the Detroit Parks and Recreation Department wanted a user-friendly solution to manage their maintenance activities and parks operations. They’re fired up about Cartegraph’s seamless ArcGIS connection and powerful admin tools.

Bainbridge Island, WA

A 35-minute ferry ride from Seattle, Bainbridge Island is known for its scenic views and recreation opportunities. After struggling with spreadsheets and outdated asset management software, they were looking for a better way to manage their parks system—including playgrounds, an aquatic center, a pottery barn, and a variety of trails.

Bentley University

After speaking with our friends at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, the team at Bentley University set out to find a new space management and facilities maintenance solution. They’re looking forward to leveraging their Esri GIS asset data with the seamless connection between Cartegraph and ArcGIS—and taking advantage of improved data interoperability for their CAD floor plans.

Burgaw, NC

This town of 4,000 is known for its friendly people and picturesque surroundings. And we’re impressed with their commitment to modern infrastructure management. Looking for a solution that was both more user-friendly and more advanced (not the most common combination…), they decided to replace their previous asset management system with Cartegraph software.

Worthington, OH

The City of Worthington, OH was looking for a CMMS to help with city-wide asset management, but they were concerned about pricing due to the size of their city. Serving just over 15,000 people, they are now using Cartegraph to track their facilities, parks assets, signals, transportation network, water distribution assets, sanitary sewer network, stormwater assets, and fleet.

Thank you all for choosing to partner with Cartegraph. We look forward to working with you for many years to come.