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1+1 = 3: The Value of Connecting EAM + ERP at Government Agencies

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Local governments rely on so many systems to organize their work and track their data. From spreadsheets to online portals, from GIS to EAM, from ERP to HCM. (How many acronyms can we put in this description?). Facing challenges with staffing and aging technology, as well as unprecedented funding, cities and counties are looking for ways to work smarter as they manage their two biggest assets: people and physical assets.

Join this webinar to hear from local government alumni who have led the charge to implement and integrate modern solutions—and lived to tell the tale.

You’ll leave this session understanding:

How your enterprise resource management and asset management systems could work together and why this is becoming more than a ‘nice to have’ connection
Outcomes and benefits of connecting these systems and ways to visualize those results
Advice from those who have done it before on how navigate this new era of government operations

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