Cartegraph OMS: Resources

Be smart with your resources

Labor, equipment, materials, and more — use Cartegraph to track the resources used for any and every task. Finally, an asset management system that shows you exactly how your time and money are being spent.


Resource Management Overview

Know who did what, which resources they used, and how much it all costs. Easily set labor rates, track equipment, and measure material usage on every task and work order. You can even use Cartegraph to track the cost of external resources, like contractors and vendors.

Billing and Reimbursement

Rely on the resource data in Cartegraph for more accurate billing and get reimbursed for the true cost of your work.

Fleet Management

Extend the lifespan of your vehicles by taking care of them. Create preventative maintenance schedules based on time and usage. When a vehicle is in the shop, crews can see and complete any upcoming maintenance — reducing downtime and saving money.

Vehicle Replacement Rating (VRR)

Know when your vehicles need to be retired and replaced. Based on APWA industry standards, this data helps you better plan for the future.

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Fuel System Integration

When integrated with a fuel management system, Cartegraph tracks regular odometer readings, fueling costs, and other usage data.

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Inventory Management

Understand what you have and what you need. As your team enters materials on tasks and work orders, Cartegraph adjusts your inventory and notifies you when things are running low. Make life easier by storing information like preferred vendors and price points.

Advanced Material Management

Track materials at multiple locations and easily transfer them from one place to another. Simplify the material ordering and receiving process.